Two injured in Buggy Accident

Category: Plain Scenes Published: Tuesday, 20 January 2015 Written by Andrew J Geesey

BuggyaLate last night two 17 year old Amish teenagers were driving a buggy in the wrong lane on Highway 89 in Sparta Township, located in Crawford County, Pennsylvania. Due to this, a minivan traveling towards them could not avoid the buggy and resulted in a collision.

According to police the minivan sent the buggy over an embankment, and both teenagers were severely injured. The boys were taken by ambulance to the hospital.

The Meadville Tribune added an interesting comment from one of the reporting Police Officers, "It was unknown if the buggy driver and passenger were using safety restraints". (Meadville Tribune, January 2015). Since I have never seen safety restraints in use in an Amish buggy, I'm wondering if they exist, and if so what communities are using them?

The articles of this event were posted by, NewsLive 365, and The Meadville Tribune. They can be viewed using the links below:

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The Meadville Tribune at: Two unidentified teens injured in car versus horse and buggy crash

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