Another Puppy Mill

Category: Plain Scenes Published: Friday, 16 January 2015 Written by Amish Andy
Sally the Pekingese


My friend, Sally the Pekingese:

John was one of the Amish farmer's along my milk route and Sallie ran his farm or seemed to think that she did. Sally was a well-treated, very friendly and pleasant Pekingese. When the truck arrived at the farm, Sally was there to greet me, probably, hoping for a treat, which after assisting with my chores, she normally received.


Amish do not condone puppy mills:

The news article informs us about Barbara Dienner, from Lancaster County, PA. Barbara, seems to be an Amish woman operating an illegal puppy mill, the article is also about one woman, not a group. The Amish as a whole do not condone such practices. It's a shame that most of the mills that I have read about in recent years, have been run by Amish individuals. I personally know hundreds of Amish farmers in Lancaster County either from the milk route, or through the disaster relief service, and I've even met some as a result of driving the paving truck, but I've never met a single farmer or individual, that treats their animals in the manner that the article indicates about Barbara Dienner.


Lancaster Co. woman charged with 72 counts of animal cruelty:

A Lancaster County woman was charged with 72 counts of animal cruelty today following a PSPCA raid on December 16 that discovered dozens of dogs and puppies packed into her Lititz home. READ MORE…

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