Published: Monday, 17 November 2014

On-Friday, November 4, 1881, President Chester A. Arthur issued a Proclamation of a National Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer; In America's God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations he is quoted as saying "It has long been the pious custom of our people, with the closing of the year, to look back upon the blessings brought to them in the changing course of the seasons and to return solemn thanks to the All-Giving Source from whom they flow."

Like elsewhere in Lancaster County we often experience many changing whether scenes throughout the course of the day and while Autumn was beautiful, the temperatures are letting us know that Old Man Winter is upon us. Sometimes when facing seasonal changes it's hard to be thankful, but that can change when enjoying the many scenes throughout the region like the one in this picture.  Although it's been one hundred & thirty three years President Arthur's statement remains true and it's good advice during this Thanksgiving and changing season.

God Bless and enjoy a happy Thanksgiving.
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