Our Experience

When Hurricane Sandy hit the areas of New York City and the New Jersey coast, our founder, Andrew "Andy" J. Geesey who is also known as Amish Andy or Andy the Milk Man amongst the Amish, began to use his experience to organize Amish communities to assist devastated home owners.

After working on several projects in Middletown, NJ & on Staten Island, we teamed with Urban Impact and began to focus on taking hope to disaster victims in Rockaway Beach, Queens, New York.

For demolition and rebuilding of homes over eight hundred and fifty seven Amish Men, Women & youth from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and more than three hundred from other cultures served in various ways with Disaster Relief Service.

Our experience lies in our ability to team with local ministries from disaster zones, to organize highly skilled volunteer workers, and manage safe demolition and rebuilding for those who are in need of hope. We also organize disaster drop points throughout Amish & other communities were items of necessity are donated, organized, transported and distributed through our on-site local ministry partners in order to reach the disaster victims with the greatest needs.

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Discreet Recovery System

This system assist DRS in raising funds for Disaster Relief

Discrete Recovery System, audits various government agencies, seeking to reunite individuals with their own lost funds or property.

These funds normally are earmarked as unclaimed by the government agency, and the rightful owners are unaware that the funds or other property exist.

After DRS makes its audit on a government agency, by using the freedom of public information act, we begin to search for the rightful owners. Once the owners or heirs are located DRS seeks to represent their interest by working as a go-between with the government agency and the owners.

Once the funds or other property has successfully been returned to the owners, DRS receives a percentage of the original amount to assist disaster relief efforts and the mission of DRS.