Our History

Disaster Relief Service is a ministry birthed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and led by Andrew "Amish-Andy" Geesey with a vision to share hope through disaster relief.

In 2010 a storm destroyed the home Andy and his family were living in while they were home, but God brought them through that storm uninjured and with a burden to pass hope on to others. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, God made that vision very clear, and led Andy to begin sharing hope with Sandy victims through organizing and leading highly skilled Amish & Other individuals into New York City to do demolition and rebuilding of storm damaged homes.

Disaster Relief Service comitted tireless hours, days, weeks & months to the organizing and managing of the hands on relief efforts. Through this outreach God allowed DRS to be used to begin many new relationships in the Amish culture and to have a small part in planting a new church in Rockaway Beach, NY. As a result people have heard the gospel & found living hope in Christ Jesus. Over 100 demolition projects and approximately 52 building projects were brought to completion. Disaster Relief has been blessed to bridge the gap between the plain culture and those individuals who have lived through the storms of life.

Discreet Recovery System

This system assist DRS in raising funds for Disaster Relief

Discrete Recovery System, audits various government agencies, seeking to reunite individuals with their own lost funds or property.

These funds normally are earmarked as unclaimed by the government agency, and the rightful owners are unaware that the funds or other property exist.

After DRS makes its audit on a government agency, by using the freedom of public information act, we begin to search for the rightful owners. Once the owners or heirs are located DRS seeks to represent their interest by working as a go-between with the government agency and the owners.

Once the funds or other property has successfully been returned to the owners, DRS receives a percentage of the original amount to assist disaster relief efforts and the mission of DRS.