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After a Storm, Beware of Scammers

By Catherine Fredman - January 17, 2016
Severe storms and rampaging floodwaters have pummeled people in many parts of the country. Yet even as they start to cleanup, home and business owners may face a different—more insidious—threat from scammers known as "storm chasers" who offer debris removal, clean-up services, and home repair. In the wake of the recent severe flooding in Illinois, Attorney General Lisa Madigan warned against home repair con artists who quickly move to “work” an affected area. Elderly folks are particularly vulnerable. A common scam occurs when someone poses as a contractor or service provider, requests payment in advance, and then doesn’t provide the services agreed upon. Price gouging is also a popular scam. Among the respondents to Consumer Reports Hurricane Sandy Impact Survey who hired contractors to help with post-storm repairs, 22 percent felt they had been exploited. The most common complaint was excessive prices charged for the repairs, followed by contractors who rushed through the job and did substandard work. READ MORE

Discreet Recovery System

This system assist DRS in raising funds for Disaster Relief

Discrete Recovery System, audits various government agencies, seeking to reunite individuals with their own lost funds or property.

These funds normally are earmarked as unclaimed by the government agency, and the rightful owners are unaware that the funds or other property exist.

After DRS makes its audit on a government agency, by using the freedom of public information act, we begin to search for the rightful owners. Once the owners or heirs are located DRS seeks to represent their interest by working as a go-between with the government agency and the owners.

Once the funds or other property has successfully been returned to the owners, DRS receives a percentage of the original amount to assist disaster relief efforts and the mission of DRS.