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7 Money Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

Disaster Relief Service and our Discreet Recovery System agree with the financial tips listed in the below article written by Deacon Hayes who is a financial expert and founder of Well Kept Wallet. We intend to follow his advice during 2016, maybe you will also.

7 Money Mistakes to Avoid in 2016
The start of a new year often means a fresh financial and life start for many people as they contemplate their goals and dreams. Some of those goals and dreams can increase their quality of life; others, not so much.

Today we’ll share seven money mistakes you should avoid in 2016 if you’re interested in stepping up your financial game for the long term. Click Here to Read More


Discreet Recovery System

This system assist DRS in raising funds for Disaster Relief

Discrete Recovery System, audits various government agencies, seeking to reunite individuals with their own lost funds or property.

These funds normally are earmarked as unclaimed by the government agency, and the rightful owners are unaware that the funds or other property exist.

After DRS makes its audit on a government agency, by using the freedom of public information act, we begin to search for the rightful owners. Once the owners or heirs are located DRS seeks to represent their interest by working as a go-between with the government agency and the owners.

Once the funds or other property has successfully been returned to the owners, DRS receives a percentage of the original amount to assist disaster relief efforts and the mission of DRS.